Condabri Central and Reedy Creek APLNG pipelines

Condabri Central and Reedy Creek APLNG pipelines

Hall was engaged to install a range of HDPE pipelines for the Condabri Central Water Treatment Facility. The project involved construction of 2.4km of services trench, 6.4km of water pipeline and 8km of gas pipeline, ranging from 100mm to 610mm in diameter.

Following the successful delivery of these works, our team was subsequently awarded the pipeline construction works at the Reedy Creek Permeate Treatment Facility. This involved constructing 28 lines of water, gas and services totalling approximately 3.6km and ranging from 50mm to 730mm in diameter. The scope was also extended to include trenching and cable installation of electrical and fibre optics.

As part of the works, Hall demonstrated its ability to perform on a highly regulated site with limited access.

Client: Origin Energy/Leighton Contractors

Location: Condabri and Reedy Creek, Qld, Australia

Start Date: March 2013

Completion Date: December 2014