Remediation and rehabilitation


Remediation refers to the clean-up of contaminated areas at mines and other industrial sites, and involves removing or isolating contaminants. Hall typically undertakes these works as part of mine closure and rehabilitation works or during production to prevent acid leaching and other environmental hazards.

In doing so, we make it possible for mining clients to reprocess waste materials and recover valuable minerals and metals, contributing positively to their bottom line.

Our team is experienced in undertaking remediation projects, having successfully managed coal and uranium tailings on mine sites, right through to toxic compounds like tributyltin (TBT) in industrial settings and naval bases.

We understand every client’s needs are different, and as such, we draw on our expertise in dredging, dewatering and environmental management to develop tailored remediation solutions for every project.


Mine rehabilitation (also known as mine site restoration) is an important stage in the mine lifecycle and involves repairing land where mining activities have taken place.

With mining companies facing increased pressure from regulatory authorities and shareholders to act in an environmentally responsible manner, rehabilitation efforts are now more important than ever.

Hall has proven expertise in delivering rehabilitation works in line with dedicated mine closure plans. Our team possesses the capabilities to remove tailings, water and other contaminated material from tailings storage facilities, pits and ponds, enabling these structures to be decommissioned.

Dredged material can be pumped nearby or several kilometres away for reprocessing, treatment and/or disposal.

Our team is also skilled in undertaking bulk earthworks and revegetation, and can work in conjunction with geotechnical engineers and ecologists to establish healthy ecosystems.

These works are an important step in the rehabilitation process and contribute to mine sites being left stable, safe and capable of supporting future uses of the land.